Understanding Broadband Video

Oppportunities and challenges

Market participants large and small have awakened to the opportunities and challenges that broadband video presents. As a result, the market is characterized by rampant experimentation, as different business models, services and implementations are deployed and tested.

As with the beginning of any new medium, these divergent efforts often reflect attempts by decision-makers to graft on the successful practices of previous media, to leverage existing assets and to avoid cannibalizing current businesses. Broadband's new paradigm challenges many long-held beliefs about the way to develop content, present it to audiences and monetize it.

To be successfully positioned for the future, the key challenge is understanding how to embrace new broadband-enabled models while preserving and extending the value of current assets and existing business models.

The power of the broadband medium is in finding new ways to present content and to offer interactive capabilities to audiences that have never been possible before. The companies that "crack the code" on these new models will be the eventual winners in a broadband-dominated world

We believe that only through the steady process of experimentation, research and iteration, market participants will come to better understand what consumers want and what business models work.

To accelerate this process, it is essential to aggressively reach out to understand what's working and what's not in the marketplace. There is simply no time to re-learn the lessons that others have already learned. The competitive bar keeps getting higher and higher, and those companies that know the best practices are the ones that ultimately win in the marketplace.

Broadband Video FocusSM helps market participants understand current best practices, what's working and what's not and why this is the case. Decision-makers gain clarity on how to proceed and find success in the emerging broadband video medium. Read more…

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