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Given the explosion of new video initiatives, executives today require an up-to-date source that intelligently filters the noise and presents clear, concise analyses of the most significant video trends and breaking news.

VideoNuze (as in "news") has been created expressly for this purpose - to ensure that busy executives are fully aware of all the news happening across the dynamic broadband video industry and what it means to their businesses. VideoNuze is relentlessly focused on educating and informing these executives, so that they are smarter, better prepared and more productive as they chart their company's direction in the broadband era.

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2007 Broadband Directions e-Newsletter Archive:

October Introducing VideoNuze
August Fasten Your Seats, Broadband Video's Shifting Into Overdrive
July TiVo: The Comeback Kid
June 5 Reasons Why Comcast Should Take Out Yahoo. Now.
May Prognosticating P2P's Possibilities and Pitfalls
April Change is Afoot in the TV Business
March A World Awash in Video
February Searching for Broadband Video's "Big Ideas"
January How Broadcasters are Embracing Broadband Video

2006 Broadband Directions e-Newsletter Archive:

December 7 Broadband Video Trends for 2007
November Big Media's Most Vexing Challenge (and How to Overcome It)
October How the Top 75 Cable TV Networks are Capitalizing on Broadband Video
October Understanding Google/YouTube's Potential
September The Five Most Important Broadband Video Announcements from the Summer of '06
June Top 40 Newspapers are Succeeding with Broadband Video
May Broadband Video is Blooming
March How Broadband is Changing Video Distribution
February The $10 Million Super Bowl Ad?
January Content's Kingdom is Getting More Complicated

2005 Broadband Directions e-Newsletter Archive:

December The Elephant in the Room
November It's the Relationship, Stupid
October Understanding Comcast's Pursuit of AOL
September Why Comcast Should Acquire AOL
August "Top 75" Report – Three Key Questions
July The Top 75 Basic Cable TV Networks and Broadband-Delivered Video
June A "GOTI" Objective for Broadband-Affected Companies
May What Dell Can Teach Us About Succeeding in a Broadband Video World
April Six Insights from the 2005 National Show
March The "Long Tail" of Video is About to Get Longer – What Role Will Cable Play?
February Why Yahoo Looks Like a Broadband Winner
January The Incumbent's Curse and Broadband Video – Part 2

2004 Broadband Directions e-Newsletter Archive:

November The Incumbent's Curse and Broadband Video – Part 1
October Rational Exuberance Pays Off in Broadband Distribution
September Hunting For Broadband Subscribers

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